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Any information on the Marine Tomato clown (Fire clown).

  • anyone out there got one???????

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  • Pajama Cardinal fish, any info??

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  • General marine help

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  • Plants for marine tanks, names descriptions would help.

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Hi everyone, I am Juliacaesar, live in the Isle of Man, and own eight up and running fish tanks 7 tropical, 1 original one Goldfish Fancy and 1 marine tank which I have just set-up with guidance from a friend.

I would welcome any information and help I can get on any of the above, I have been keeping and breeding some fish for about 8 years or so.

I don't drink or smoke, (but I am not in any way boring) I have three beautiful Poodles, a Black Standard/Leo, a miniature/Bijou, and a Toy Ivanola Gold, Puppy dog (he did not answer to the name given in Kennels) the two smaller dogs were rescue.

I love to walk the dogs we have some beautiful places on the Island, you may have seen the advertisements for the Island on TV.

It is or was the greatest kept secret for many years.

Would love to hear from anyone in the forum no matter where you live I love people, and just wish the world was a better place to live in. If I could I think I would live in the Sea, away from all the troubles of the world.

Look forward to hearing from ALL OF YOU, NOT ALL AT ONCE I HOPE, HA! HA!

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