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I've had a lot of problems from the start. My first 15 gal. tank ended up getting a crack completely down one side of it somehow. I then decided to start a 10 gal tank until I could afford another 15 or 20. So I cycled the tank (monitored ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, ph, alk. levels for 3 weeks, and once everything looked good, I gave it an extra week just for good measure), did some research, and purchased one dwarf gourami (named Manny). Everything was fine for about 2 weeks. He did not seem stressed a bit, and seemed very happy just exploring the whole tank. I monitored the water quality 2-3 times a week (checking for changes in nitrates, nitrites, ph, alk., and ammonia levels), and everything seemed to be going great. I changed out about 10% of the water on Monday, and added 2 small male guppies on Tuesday. I think that was my mistake. The guppies died within 24 hours, and this morning, my dwarf gourami was dead. :(

I immediately did water tests, and everything showed as follows:
Ammonia - 0.0 ppm
Nitrites - 0.0 ppm
Nitrates - around 20 ppm
pH - 6.8
Alk - 0 (very low)
GH (total hardness) - 0 ppm

I know that dwarf gouramis like soft, slightly acidic water. I was told by a friend (who has kept fish for many years) that the guppies should be ok. I'm just wondering if maybe the guppies brought some kind of disease to the tank. I guess my next question would be: Should I get more fish or do a complete change and recycle the tank? I'm obviously new to tropical fish, so please excuse me if my questions seem ridiculous. I just want the best for all of my animals, and I truly hate it when I lose one, especially this early. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I WILL NOT let this discourage me though!

It would be appropriate to note that before the guppies died, they were just hanging out at the surface of the water all of the time. My gourami did this as well before he passed. There were no apparent growths or spots on them to indicate external parasites or disease. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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