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The show MUST go on!
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Hi Everyone,
Please be informed that all booth sales for Marine Aquarium Expo will cease at 11:59pm Sunday, March 15, 2009. We will accept new booking up until that date and time, however as of March 16 we will lock the floorplan and consolodate any unsold booths into other uses.
If anyone is thinking of signing up for MAX, now is your last chance to register for the LARGEST aquarium event in North America:

Please be aware that there will be significant security measures upgraded this year.
1) "piggy backing" (sharing a booth space) will NOT be tolerated without officially registering with show management and paying applicable fees. If you want to sell at the Marine Aquarium Expo you must book your own booth.
2) No one will be allowed access to the building prior to the show without a valid exhibitor's badge. "Helpers" and "Volunteers" will not gain access to the building without a badge from a legitimate exhibitor; if you are not on the list, you will have to wait outside in line with all other attendees.
3) MAX is a very family-oriented event. For the safety and serentity of our attendees, anyone displaying rude, obnoxious, and/or intoxicated behavior will be either warned or asked to leave the building entirely. Management reserves all rights and authority (and delegation of such authority to all staff members) to control the event as needed.

Thank you to everyone who is participating in this great event!
Kevin Adams
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