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i have been keeping fish for around 4 yrs now.i have kept tropical fish,goldfish and am now starting to set up a saltwater tank.

at first i had a 60litre biorb life and was going to convert that to marine.i thought about it alot and personally i felt it wasnt suitable.there are people out there who have sucsessful marine biorbs im just saying i dont think they for me.
i have been researching marine fish for the last 2 yrs

so i sold that and brought a 40 gallon/180 litre juwel rio tank.

i will be setting it up within the next 2 weeks so i will post info on the progress.
i will only be keeping live rock,fish and 2 cleaner shrimp

i currentley have

aqua pro 4 external filter
hang on protein skimmer pump flow rate at 1400 L/H
2x 200w heaters
2 koralia powerheads and have 1x model 2 & 1 x model 3
2x thermometer
20lbs of CaribSea Live Aragonite Fiji PINK Sand
api saltwater test kit
crystal sea marine mix salt

once it is all set up i will order 20 kg of cured premium live rock.

does this setup seem ok??

once my tank has cycled i will add 2 cleaner shrimp.
then i will will test the water and add another 2 cleaner shrimp a month later
then every month if my water is ok i will add a new fish.

so far i would like
2 tank bred clown fish
1 royal gramma
1 clown goby *c/p*

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Welcome to the site! Be careful with claner shrimp-the fish will actually be hardier than the shrimp!
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