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JBL Proscan - any good?

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I have been using a cheap dipstrip to test my water parameters but have also just purchased the API freshwater test kit with the intention of testing daily ( or every few days) with the dipstrip and once a week with the API kit. The problem I am having is interpreting the results of the dipstrip - although the colours do not look all the same they are certainly very similar! I was diagnosed as colour confused some 50 years ago and age has not helped at all :(

I'm hoping the API kit will prove to be better as it is a larger area (test tube) vs the tiny area on the dipstrip but in the meanwhile I have come across the JBL Proscan whereby (for anybody that does not know it) the analysis is performed by an app on your smartphone rather than my (poor) eyesight / colour confusion. I'm not adverse to replacing the dipstrips with the JBL Proscan but has anybody tried it and if so, what did you think?

I know I can get 'refills' for it which brings the price down a little although it is still an expensive solution compared with the cheap dipstrips so no point in changing if it is wildly inaccurate - I'm not losing fish so the parameters are hopefully not terrible :)
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