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I have had this tank since mid November and this first pic was taken December 5th.

He had this translucent edge on his fins. Then recently we began to notice this:

It looks to me like his fins have grown but have this really fuzzy edge. Here's all the details:

-10 gallon tank with aqueon filter and heater that came with the led 10 gallon tank kit.
-1 betta, two mystery snails and probably 10 tiny brown hitchhiker snails that showed up about a month after I placed some plants in it.
-planted with Java moss, 3 java fern, 2 amazon swords, and 3 moss balls (forgot the name atm)
-weekly water changes of about 30%
-api freshwater master kit reads zero ppm on nitrates, nitrites, ammonia and a ph of about 7.2.

Fish gets fed about 4-5 floating pellets specifically for bettas 2x daily. He was energetic and curious when we brought him home. About 6 weeks after having him, he began to float at the top, resting himself on the plant leaves all day long. My mom came over and actually thought he was dead. We have been trying the kordon methalyne blue dip treatments once daily for three days once we noticed the fuzzy fin edges becoming more prominent. Haven't noticed an improvement yet, but it's pretty early still. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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