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Hi so I'm new but let's get into the meat and potatos -

I bought a Shubunkin goldfish from my job and I quickly noticed that he did/does not have a voracious appetite. For awhile he stayed at the bottom with fins clamped and barely ate, only moving to swim in weird and erratic motions. So I asked the most fish savvy person in my store (more savvy than other people I could ask) and she suggested I try TetraO Lifeguard: All-In-One.

And it worked for a bit! His fins unclamped and he started to actually swim around and act like a fish. Yet.... his appetite isn't good still. He picks and hardly eats the food I drop in. He floats sorta sideways sometimes, but not entirely horizontal. I also noticed that his poop is sorta white n stringy? I have a video of it but its hard to see.

Rn, Mochi is picking at some bloodworms I dropped into the tank. I'm worried that maybe something is going on or am I just going crazy and overreacting? I'll get the tank parameters tmrw when I go to work.
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