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Those of you who use Prime and swear by it, don't bring your bickering here.
This is straight from the company, and I think Prime and controlling nitrites/nitrates is the biggest scam out there.
Heard of people losing fish over it, almost lost mine myself, didn't do squat for my issues...
Luckily there are better products.
But yes, emergencies happen, to those who would say 'it's a fishkeepers problem for not managing things right' I asked you not to post, truth is truth, and from review, if the company doesn't know how it works let alone doesn't provide correct instructions, how worthwhile is the product.

Probably great for a tap conditioner, but I won't use it.

Q: How does Prime make a difference in reducing Nitrates?

A: The detoxification of nitrite and nitrate by Prime (when used at elevated levels) is not well understood from a mechanistic standpoint. The most likely explanation is that the nitrite and nitrate is removed in a manner similar to the way ammonia is removed; i.e. it is bound and held in a inert state until such time that bacteria in the biological filter are able to take a hold of it, break it apart and use it. Two other possible scenarios are reduction to nitrogen (N2) gas or conversion into a benign organic nitrogen compound.
I wish we had some more "concrete" explanation, but the end result is the same, it does actually detoxify nitrite and nitrate. This was unexpected chemically and thus initially we were not even aware of this, however we received numerous reports from customers stating that when they overdosed with Prime they were able to reduce or eliminate the high death rates they experienced when their nitrite and nitrate levels were high. We have received enough reports to date to ensure that this is no fluke and is in fact a verifiable function of the product.

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