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DVDs from this year’s International Marine Aquarium Conference are now available!

Now you can order these DVDs from the IMAC website International Marine Aquarium Conference (IMAC) - (you will have to a Google search since I can't post a URL here. Here’s what are available:

Robert Fenner – “Mixed Reef Livestocking: Techniques and Approaches for Avoiding & Reducing Alledopathegenic Effects”

Dr. Sanjay Joshi – “Random Reefkeeping Ideas and Thoughts”

Dr. Ron Shimek – “Currents and Feeding in Selected Corals”

Dr. Ron Shimek – It’s not as Bad as We Thought; It is Far Worse”

Frank Burr – “Self-Sustaining Marine Biospheres”

Matt Pedersen – “MOFIB’s Marine Fish Breeding for the Hobby”

Scott Feldman – “Marine Fish Biotope Aquariums: Taking Inspirations From Nature”

Adam Cesnales – “Form Meets Function: Designing Your Refugium to Work Harder”

Jake Adams – Fluid Dynamics For the Reef Aquarium”

John Coppolino – “Rare Angels”

Dr. Adelaide Rhodes – “Frontiers in Fish Growing: Newest Technologies in Fish Aquaculture For The Hobbyist”

James Featheree – “Tridacnid Clams: Diversity and Lighting Needs”

Tony Vargas – “Tubataha: Unexpected Paradise”

Tim Hayes – “How to be a Better Reefkeeper: A Guide to Starting Your Reef Off Right”

Allen LaPointe – “Water Quality Monitoring and Data Interpretation”

Tullio Dell Aquilla – “Full Spectrum LED Systems For Aquarium and Aquaculture Use”

Tom Frakes (Banquet) – “Global Warming: Reefs, Tanks and the World”

You can also see abstracts of these talks on the IMAC website International Marine Aquarium Conference (IMAC) - and the DVDs are available for $17 each or $225 for the whole set, plus shipping. So get over to the IMAC website and check them out.



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