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Ok...back to the hobby after 20 years, finally convinced the wife.

I have never started a tank from scratch...when I used to have tanks I would go get the tank from the person selling it, drain it, restart it.....never had any from bucket to tank...always healthy.

I bought a new tank has been empty for 6 gravel so I'm starting relatively fresh.

75 gallon freshwater tank....I have filled it, added start right to get rid of chlorine and chloramine...gotten the ph just about right...around 7.1ish...waiting for the heater to heat me up.

Any advice on a good test kit?

20 years ago I would have just tossed the fish in right about now....but I'm different w/ money now and feel bad for the fish of course.

I keep reading about this cycling I really need to do that?

here is what I'm running for filtration as of right now....

2 AquaClear 70 Powerheads....2 open tubes as of now since 2 caps were I need to cap those?

A BioWheel type filter hanging off the back...

The guy I bought it from also had a Magnum 350 Canister the hell do I hook that up and should I? Never had one of those before..

thanks in advance...
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