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YES THATS RIGHT!! :D My birthday is coming up and not only am i getting a tank other than my 5 gallon betta tank but im getting TWO tanks :D.

After 2 years i finally become a fishkeeper again.

I will be getting a 55 gallon tank with stand and canopy but no filter(Will have to get one) and also a 33 gallon tank with stand canopy filter gravel plants etc etc.(Completely ready to go).

So since i have a love for Platies but also would like to have a tank where i could keep glass catfish and otocinclus and corys ive decided to have two different comunity tanks of schooling fish. one will have soft water(most likely the 55 gallon) and the other harder water for the platies(33 gallon).

So im looking for ideas about what i could put into the tanks. there are ideas that me and my Fiance were throwing around. I want more passive schooling fish.

Posibilities for the 55 gallon soft water tank

dwarf cichlids
khuli loach
cherry barbs

possibilities for the 33 gallon harder water tank


Ideas are very welcome. Im also looking for ideas on plants i could put in it. Im getting java moss and java fern for sure. I want low lighting plants but dont want to get all the stuff needed for a REAL low light planted tank.

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the cichlids are aggressive and I would not mix them in a community tank. Angel fish can be aggressive and can get quite large and the other fish may fin nip them. I know that barbs are fin nippers and should be kept in a school of at least 7, will help with this action. Gouramis are best kept in sexed pairs as the male fish will fight. That is the only things I can see to watch out for.
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