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I have my betta fish for about a month or so now. My 10 gal tank is a community tank of a few guppies and catfish. Anyway to make the long story short my betta recently is suffering from fin rot and have some white streaks on his fin. I got a smaller tank to isolate and medicate him. My question is how much water from the old tank should I incorporate to the new isolation tank? I can’t afford to wait for months to complete the cycle since I need to isolate my betta asap. I have a water conditioner and bacteria starter that I can add to the new tank. For the filter what is the best way to include the old filter into the new one? It already has established bacteria but I’m a bit torn on what to do because if I transfer one of the filters to the new one (including some of the old water) won’t I be bringing along some invisible bacteria / disease into the isolation aquarium? New to this hobby, pls help. Thanks in advanced!
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