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With a tank that size I would think you could have a few of either, not sure that Gourami's and Angel's get along but if it was me I'd go for 3 or 4.
It really depends on the individual fish. Angels are known to be more aggressive than most gouramis, but some gouramis are just flat out jerks, even if they aren't one of the more aggressive species.

OP, if you went with 8 each of the schooling fish, or decided on only one or two species of schooling fish, you could get a small group of 3 or so gouramis. I have 3 pearls in my 75g community, and I know of people who keep 5 or so of them in a 55g community. Just do your research and pick a gourami that is known to be mellow (no kissing gouramis, for example). If you wanted to add angels to the mix, you need to keep in mind that they could very well start bullying anything they feel like, particularly if they start breeding, so you should have a backup plan. Same for the gouramis, for that matter.

Angels will also probably chase danios and small tetras, and may end up eating them. Bigger barbs like tigers and bigger tetras would probably be fine, though then you might need to worry about them with gouramis if they're breeding.

Edit; also, I'm not sure bigger barbs in a large school is a good idea long term in a 75, as they're very active. Someone who knows more about barbs could probably tell you for sure, though.
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