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House plants

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I have been putting house plants in my 55 and Pathos plants do real well taking out nitrates and ammonia out, just put the roots in it also helps the looks. I would post a picture but haven't mastered that yet.
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Hi fglennb,
its become a very popular way of removing, as you stated, Nitrates and Ammonia from your aquarium.
Its a totally natural process and doesnt harm any of your aquatic life.
It also looks attractive having foliage plants sitting on top of your tank and the bonus is, by introducing plants to your own living environment you're actually making it more healthy...filter air, produce oxygen etc.
The Pathos is a cast iron plant, and by that i mean almost indestructable so its the perfect plant for using in this way.
The other thing is that Pathos are heavy feeders so they are constantly drawing the Nitrates etc from your tank water.
They are like a sponge and work just as well against unseen toxins.
I believe several species of Philodendron can be used in this way too...actually, there are a variety of house plants you can use.
Thanks for posting this and bringing to everyones attention, cheers
Your post reinforces what I have seen on a couple videos. Using Pothos in your hob filter rather than filter materials.
Must check this out.
Thanks for your post.
I put some herb's in also and they awe doing great and it is nice when I am cooking I have fresh which beats dried.another benifit is the small fish can hide in the roots from the larger fish.
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Did the same with sweet-potato.. It kinda took over everything.. Smaller plants might be better in hinesight
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I was tempted to put a tomato in but they get huge so I resisted.
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