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Hello to all that read this,
i am an aquarium enthusiast. i currently have 3 tanks up and running, i used to have 5 running.

I live in ILLINOIS, Elmwood park.
I am an IL licensed Home Inspector and Radon Measurement technician by profession. Please feel free to ask me any home inspection questions, i like to help.

I have a 46 gallon bowfront which i got for a really low price.
Inside i have : 1 turquiose severum, 1green severum, striped raphael, spotted raphael, 2 angelicus pictus catfish, 4 julie corys, 1 shermans cory, 5 Australian rainbowfish, 5 odessa barbs, and a few more i think.

twenty gallon tall: ghost cat, solver hatchets, neon tetras, tetras, albino corys, a peckoltia , and more
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