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I was encouraged to introduce myself. I started this hobby by accident a few years ago. Someone gave me a Betta in a bag and said here, you want him? I had no idea what to do - got a 1gallon bowl right away so he had a home and started to read. I now have a 10 gallon and a 5 gallon. I went to get tank mates for my Betta and was told these zebras were perfect. Once I discovered that was a bad idea I moved the Betta to the 5 gallon and am now wondering what's next. I'm leaning towards a larger tank because I rather like these zebra danios and I think my Betta misses all his space. I'm currently dealing with a long tail leopard that is no longer eating.he hides most of the time. He's the only long tail leopard, the other 4 are zebras. There's one that's quite aggressive.and I think he's nippy with the leopard. But I don't think that's what traumatized him. I put in a air stone to create extra swimming challenges because it's only a 10g tank. After about a week I noticed the leopard cowering in the plants. I've turned it off and he's coming out a bit more, which is why I think it was the air stone. But he's not eating and still not swimming very much. He looks good. I'll post a picture of him and the tank. Tank information is:

10 gallon partially planted
0- nitrites
20 - nitrates
0 - ammonia
PH 7
75 degrees F
Food: flakes/bug bites/mini pellets

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Looks nice.. my tank looks similar. I thought mine was a 20 gal. Maybe it's 10... I did the calculation thing to figure it out so I'm confused. But nice tank you got!
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