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Discussion Starter · #1 · (Edited) kevin,totally new to the world of started when i decided to make my bathroom a theme room,namely music memorabilia..have loads of cool stuff in there,guitar shaped toilet seat,piano keys painted on the skirting board,album covers and other bits...then i thought it would be cool to have an underwater rock concert in i bought an aquarium(juwel trigon 190)..built a stage and props from plastic and acrillic material,bought some music star figures...and now i am nearly finished the project,a few bits left to do,no water in there yet!!
wasn't planning on putting any fish in but now i am very keen on the idea,having asked about putting fish in i was told the toxins in the plastic and paint would kill any there any way of purifying the water over time to allow fish to be healthy in there???????tropical would be great but i'd settle for cold water fish..anyone with any info would be much appreciated!!
cheers for reading
none of you weirdo's bothered trying to help...****!
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