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I started a Cal. Reactor yesterday, but don't know how to set the CO-2 tank.
Meaning the adjustments for it. I got the reactor to start dripping like it should, but have no idea of how to set the knobs on the tank.
It came with no directions.
Anyone out there that has done this, please hit me back.


Here are a couple of pic's.


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Turn the knob all the way out to release pressure on the diaphragm, turn the bottle on, you should see a reading somewhere between 500 and 2000 or so on one of the gauges and 0 on the other if the bottle is full.
Slowly screw the knob back in until you start to see the other gauge rise to between 10 and 15 psi. Many manufacturers including Milwaukee say to run their regulators at 10 psi but I found over the years it was not steady but at 15 it has been rock solid for 6 years.

Take a look at the directions on how to set the reactor up here, its for Geo reactor but is general enough it applies to almost any reactor and is very easy to follow:

These directions helped me tremendously when I was first starting out with a new reactor.

Its very hard to see since your photo is tiny but if the bubble counter is on the regulator as with a Milwaukee, fill it with RO/DI water and set the bubble count at 30 bubbles per minute to start as Geo suggests.
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