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I am currently buying the gear needed for my first saltwater aquarium *w3
Alot of it has been pretty straight forward as I have had alot of help from friends and reading material.

I am going to be starting a FOWLR tank for maybe the first 6 months to a year as I feel it will benefit me from getting the experience before introducing corals.

I understand I can just go for basic T5 lights or pretty much alot of lights that are on the market for a FOWLR. But in the future I am going to want to keep corals so am looking to buy the correct suitable lightning now so I do not have to purchase another set of lights.

My budget is £250 absolute maximum.

Tank size is 40" x 18" x 24" (L x D x H), custom built if you was wondering about the strange dimensions.

I have found some lights for £240 and was wondering what your guys opinions were on them...

Here they are:

I am not able to post links as I only have 1 post :( so type this into
LT SL-A008-90 Professional LED Marine Aquarium Light Unit Reef Fish Tank 3ft 4ft

I would be grateful if you could give me a few options of different lights (but I typically only want LEDs) that will suit my aquarium.

Thanks in advance :)
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