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Great forum...but I'm going to jump straight in with a question.

Over the last few months I've been building up my Fresh water tank....and decided to put in 2 x Striped Pleco (about 5-6cm long)..
The water was tested and all was good..They seemed to fine the first night and enjoying the tank with plenty of hiding spaces and wood for them to browse. the next morning one had disappeared, I was a little worried but thought they are pretty good at camouflaging and hiding so I'd wait until the night when they come out of hiding...but for the next couple of nights he hasn't re-appeared but the other is happily wandering about the tank.

What could of happened? My first worry was that it has died and the other fish had dismantled him over night.

In the tank at the moment are:

5 black neon tetras
10 neon tetras
6 zebra danio
1 harlequin

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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