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Hello to all.
I was invited here through an email from Aquarium forum. I suppose it might have just been a generic email sent to all the members of my Aquarium Society but anyways I decided to join up to meet some new people.
I am 24 years old and am one of the cofounders of the Marine Aquarium Society of Nova Scotia Marine Aquarium Society of Nova Scotia - Home . We are located in Nova Scotia, Canada. I've been in the marine hobby for about 5 years now and like many others I started in freshwater a long time ago.

I've had many tanks over the years but my baby right now has been running for over one and a half years. It is a 150 gallon acrylic Tenecor built tank. Its 6' feet long, 2' feet wide, and 20" inches tall. I have a 75 gallon sump hooked to it as well. My sump is divided in 3 sections by glass baffels. The first section is for my skimmer, the second is a refugium, and the last of course is my return pump section.

As for equipment I run here is a list:

Return pump - Danner mag drive 1200
In tank water flow - 2 Seio 820's, and 2 Hydor Koralia 4's
Protein skimmer - Euro Reef RS 250 in sump (awsome skimmer, very pleased with it)
Lighting - Metal Halide - Dual 250 watt Ushio 14,000K DE bulbs powered by Dual Icecap electronic ballasts, Bulbs housed in Dual Luminarc lll Stealth DE pendents mounted inside a custom built oak canopy matching my stand


1 orange shoulder
1 yellow tang
1 scopas tang
1 blue hippo tang
1 male square spot anthias
1 orchid dottyback
1 royal gramma
1 flame angel
1 yellow watchmen gobie
2 percs
3 green chromis
3 PJ cardinals


1 coral banded shrimp
1 blood shrimp
1 tiger pistol shrimp
2 cleaner shrimp
2 bumbelbee shrimp
4 peppermint shrimp
2 porcelin crabs
1 pom pom crab
1 tube anemone
3 red leg hermits
Astrea snails
Nassarius snails
Cerith snails


SPS, LPS, Softies

I keep all corals but I only keep one leather (green tree) since leathers don't mix well with SPS.

I also watch out for softies that have the potential to take over.

Anyways thats all I have to say but here are a few old photos I found. I will try and get some updated ones up for you guys sometime soon.

The photos go from most recent to when the tank was first setup.


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And myself @ our July Marine Aquarium Society Annual BBQ:

The guy in the background is one of the other cofounders of the MASNS and I believe he is crying because he was just told he had to go home. LOL

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and kind words. It's nice to expand past my home society and meet new people.

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Very nice looking aquarium.
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