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I had just fed my fish and left the lid open. I left my room to get a water and came back to find a guppy on the floor. I could not pick her up without hurting her so I scooped her up with a piece of mail and put her back in the tank. That was a first for me. :geek:

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My dwarf blue Gourami, 'Smurf' (he's a blue gourami that lives in a fake tree root ornament LOL) did the same thing a couple of days ago.
Ive got his tank on top of a lovely old set of drawers. I was vacing it and all of a sudden "splat",right next to me.
He was on top of the drawers,looking right at if to say "Hi Dad,what's happening" 馃槃
I gently placed him back in his tank,he swam to the back of the tank turned and came back to the front and instantly started acting like nothing had happened...He's a staunch little bloke :cool:

Like you TG,it's the first time my Gourami has ever decided to do makes me nervous now when i take the lid off his tank.馃槃
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