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Shipping is $6 for a small flat rate shipping box.

Red cherry shrimp 1.25 each
Guppies .20 each
Malaysian Snails small .10 medium .15 large .20
Small val (roughly 6 in. tall) $5/3 plants
Larger val (10 in. +) $7/3 plants
Water sprite $5/3 plants
Pennywort $5/3 -6 “ cuttings
Water wisteria $5/3 plants
Duckweed is a gift when ordered with others and $1 when shipped alone.

Selling guppies that are overcrowding my tanks! We have LARGE amounts, so bigger orders can most likely be done. They are guppies that have been kept all in the same tank as feeders, fancy, & endler, so some have some pretty unique coloring/patterns They are .20 cents a piece now, & shipping is normally $6 unless you want 100 or more then they may need shipped in a bigger box

We also have Malaysian, common, and rams horn snails, in a variety of sizes. Small are .10 cents, medium .15 and large .20 (the size of a nickel/limited numbers). Snails can be shipped in alternative, cheaper shipping.

Our val comes in two sizes, small and large. Small is roughly six inches and are $2 each or 3 for $5. Large is roughly ten+ inches and $2.75 each or 3 for $7.

Water sprite can be purchased as a planted or floating plant. The leaf pattern is different. Planted is more of a jagged dramatic bloom, while floating is kind of peaceful, curvy blooms.

Pennywort is sadly not for sale at the moment, while we let it grow back in, but in the next week or two it will be ready for trimming. Pennywort is $2 a six inch stem or 3 for $5. It reproduces very quickly, we have found, and doesn't require high lighting.

Water wisteria also grows under low lighting. They are also $2 each or 3 for $5. Looking great now that they have been transferred to the new tank. Like cute little palm trees. :)

Duck weed, when ordered with something else, this is our gift to you. Otherwise it is $1 for a snack size baggy. And when purchased alone, you can also have this shipped in cheaper alternative packaging.

Red cherry shrimp! We have surplus of these little guys. They run $1.25 and have to be shipped in a box (size depending on order).

shipping is 2-3 days, & guppies and shrimp will be mailed with a water sprite floating plant or 3 to nibble on during their journey!

PM me if interested! By the way, I ship orders out on Mondays and Tuesdays, to ensure your sales do no get stuck in the mail over the weekend. paypal only please.
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