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As I am approaching 60 years of marine tropical fish collecting days are pretty much over. But I am willing to assist anyone interested in undertaking marine aquarium fish collecting / exporting from Guam. Since 2000, according to the GovGuam Department of Fish & Wildlife records, there has not been any outfit collecting / exporting the island's marine aquarium fish. Though live/dead corals are banned from handling/exporting, fish exporting still only requires a business license and a small mesh net permit.

Air Cargo shipping is ideal from Guam and expanding. Demand for Guam's Dusky Angel (Centropgye shepardii) is still very much alive - especially to ship to Japan and Taiwan.

I am available via my email ([email protected]) to discuss further and send anyone interested a .pdf file showing what equipment is available and the package pricing.

Oh yes, I have a few TFH articles that I wrote on fish collecting on Guam and Kosrae back in the 1980s that perhaps some may remember or can access from a library.

Regards from Guam USA,
Don Baker
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