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Hello everyone!

Well, I've never had a fish tank until about November, when my parents got one through a friend of theirs who had to leave to Mexico for an indefinite time period. Not the optimal situation, but we're trying our best! We were given a 29 gallon, semi aggressive tank that started with a Needlenose Gar, Altum Angelfish (maybe?), Bolivian Ram, Albino Red Fin Shark, Raphael Striped Catfish, Boseman Rainbowfish, and a Hammers Cobalt Crayfish. Anyways, the pet keeping culture between Mexicans and Americans is different, and we weren't given all of the information we had hoped. Indeed, I had to look up all of the fish in order to find out what they are! I also have no idea how old they are either.

Sadly, there have been three fatalities from the original tankmates, the catfish, the crayfish, and the rainbowfish. The catfish died a couple of weeks after moving, so I'm thinking it was stress. The crayfish, after having seen other specimens in fish stores, was huge, so I'm thinking it was quite old. The Boseman died of a swim bladder disease =/.

Anyways, we've had some additions (good, and bad =/). The very first fish we added were a pair of Black Skirt Tetras, that was after the catfish died. We didn't know anything about tank types and realized too late that 1) we didn't get enough of the tetras, them being a schooling fish, and 2) they're a community fish, not fit for our tank. One is still alive, and is left alone for the most part since it grew. The other one jumped out in the middle of the night and died =/. We have since gotten a better lighting system that covers the entirety of the tank.

Once our crayfish died, we got another, smaller Hammers Cobalt that has molted 3 times in 2 months! We don't know if that's good or not, but there have been no problems after any molt. We also got a Honey Gourami and a Pearl Gourami. The Honey died mysteriously one night, and we are guessing the crayfish was the culprit, seeing as to how it was on top of it already munching on it when we woke up and the fish was swimming quite healthily and happily before lights out. The Pearl Gourami has developed quite the commanding presence and appears to be thriving in our tank!

Phew, that was a very long introduction. Well, I've joined and I'm sure I'll think up of questions for the future of my little community! I hope to avoid more mistakes like the tetras and honey gourami in finding compatible tankmates!
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