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Hey everybody,
I kept fish as a teenager and some in college and now I'm getting back into it. I set up a 10gallon tank and am eager to get a bigger tank. I've been buying fish and plants from PetSmart, but would rather use an independent store with a more interesting assortment of available fish/plants/inverts/etc. Does anyone know of a good LFS in Philadelphia?
There was Zoos pet center in South Philly, which I worked at for a while, but that small chain has gone out of business thanks to PetSmart. They had cool fish and took care of them. There is Tradewinds pet store in West Philly on 40th street. I haven't been there in several years but I'm gonna stop in today to check them out...
So if you're in Philly, let me know where you get your fish!! Thanks in advance!

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