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I have a 38-gallon freshwater fish tank with community fish (platies, a swordtail, a clown loach, and new albino corydoras).
My PH has always been a little high = 8-8.2.
My GH is around 30ppm (1.67 dGH) and my KH is around 240ppm (13.4 dKH).
These numbers really haven't changed much in the 2 years I have had the tank. I have lost guppies and mollies after a few months, but the platies seem to be thriving (and having babies constantly)! I do use 1 gallon of distilled water when I do a 5-gallon water change every couple of weeks and have used driftwood in the past to try to get the PH a little lower.

I have read that higher KH and higher PH are related, but why is the GH so much lower?
Are these hardness levels with the PH OK for my fish, or is this why I lose some of them after a few months?
Any advice on whether I need to lower the PH and KH, or change the GH?

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