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Neocaridina heteropoda var. "yellow" A.K.A. Yellow Shrimp. They are the same species as Neocaridina heteropoda var. "red" A.K.A. Red Cherry Shrimp, just a different colorization. These two shrimp should not be mixed together because they will produce a wild/brownish type color, which in most cases, are unwanted. They prefer a pH of 6.0-8.0, they like a temperature of 72F-84F. It takes 30-45 days from pregnancy to hatching. At adult hood they carried 25+ eggs at a time and gain a very very deep yellow color. They love javamoss and will clean up extra food on the bottom of aquariums. They prefer planted aquariums. It is strongly suggest to have a shrimp only aquarium before purchasing, but that's just an opion. Breeders have sucessfully kept 300 of these shrimp in a 10G. I raise my in a 20G Long filled with javamoss and hornwort. Sexing these shrimp is very easy once they get older, the female will be a very deep yellow, when the male is just a pale yellow, but still good color and very active.

They cost $2.00 each. They are sold at 1/4'' to 1''.
Accepting paypal and money-orders for payment.

Ship to around the U.S. only, no international orders. I only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays for Prioty shipping. I ship on all days besides Sundays for Express shipping. I ship them in a styrofoam insulated box filled with newspaper and are shipped in a Kordon Breather bag and something to latch onto during the trip.

Prioty Shipping: $8
Express Shipping: $25
Packaging (Added to every box): $2

Terms of Sale:
DOA Policy only applies to Express shipping only. Prioty shipping at your own risk. If DOA, you must take a CLEAR picture of the shrimp in the bag within 1 hour of arrival sent to me in a private message. If policy is met for express shipping, refund will be given with free prioty shipping. If you want express you'll have to pay express shipping price. Varity of plants are shipped with the shrimp, what you get is what I have avaliable. I do have a pretty bad hair algae problem right now. So be careful before add that plant to your aquarium.

If you have anymore questions, just private message me
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