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The fish and Tank Parameters: All fish and other items are raised by me in my home hatchery. I have over 27+ tanks. Nothing is added to my water except Stress Coat and Prime. I do not monitor pH or us R/O water to soften, my water supply is hard water. All my tropical fish are kept at themp's in the range of 78-81 degrees. Killifish, snails, and Java Moss are kept at room temp's.

About Me: I have been keeping aquariums for over 20 years. I have been breeding tropical fish for 15 years and I have been shipping for the past 4 years.

Shipping: I ship via United States Postal Service (USPS), I can ship Overnight, Priority or Flate Rate Priority. Please leave exact zip code for shipping quote. Shipping will be on Monday's and Tuesday's only.

Local Pickup: I also do local pickup at my home with prior arrangements, please leave name and phone # in PM. I am located in Downers Grove, IL. (60516), which is a suburb about 30 miles west of Chicago.

Now for the fish, plants and prices:

Large Black Angelfish Standard Fin - 1/2 Dollar size $5.00 Each

Small Black Angelfish Standard Fin - Dime+ size - $3.00 Each

Synodontis Petricola - 1" to 1.25" size $7.00 Each

Fp. Gardneri (Killifish) - young but able to sex - $7.00 Per Pair

RCS - Red Cherry Shrimp - $1.00 Each or $10.00 Per Dozen

Java Moss - Large Palm size portion $3.00 per Portion

Red Ramhorn Snails - Pea size+ $3.00 per dozen

Thanks for looking.
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