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Unfortunately, due to two extended trips I will soon be taking, I am forced to give away my beloved freshwater fish to an experienced aquarist who can pick them up in the Tallahassee area. There are 2 groups, and each group includes all the fish in one tank; I don't want to split the fish in a tank up because many of them have formed schools and they have lived together their whole lives.

It goes without saying that you can't: 1. Use these as feeder fish; 2. Use them to cycle a new tank; 3. Trade them in for store credit or money; 4. Keep some and give away/sell the rest.

Group 1:
4 adult peppered cory catfish, ~3 yrs old
7 adult zebra danios, 4 are 1st gen. ~3 yrs old (towards end of life for this species), 3 are ~1 yr old
1 adult common pleco, ~15 inches, >3 yrs old (LARGE fish, may be full grown, may grow slightly larger)
2 juvenile clown loaches, believe male + female, ~1.5 yrs old
School of 12 or so adult and juvenile albino cory catfish, mix 1st and 2nd gen., between 1 and 3 years old
8 adult cherry barbs, 5 regular, 3 albino, all about 2 yrs old
5 adult otocinclus catfish, all about 2 yrs old

All are in excellent health and, with the exception of four of the zebra danios, have many years left to live.

Group 2:
6 juvenile neon tetras, all <1 yr old
Large school of 20+ juvenile peppered cory catfish (2nd and 3rd gen. from original 4 above), all ~1 yr old

Excluding 2 of the peppered catfish, all are in excellent health. The 2 peppered catfish both have some kind of genetic neurological problem that causes them to swim erratically. It is not an acute or contagious illness, but rather a congenital defect. It does not affect their ability to prosper in the tank provided feedings are sufficient and they do not have to compete with the fit fish to get to the food.

Of course you may also take all fish together provided you have a tank large enough and w/ compatible tankmates. Thanks!
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