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I will be moving soon so I need to get some $$ in the bank. I have the following corals that i can frag:

Red planet _$25
Pearlberry $25
Birds of paradise $25
blue polyp digi $20
Green Stylo $20
Pink polyp cap $25
Leng sy cap $25
purple rim green cap $20
Meteor shower $25
Duncan with at least 8 heads $50
Nuclear green palys $10 for the first polyp, $5 for each extra polyp

Local pick up only. I WILL NOT SHIP! Yes, i know you'll pay for shipping if i do, but I dont have the time so DONT ASK!

not the best pics, they were taken with my cell

Birds of paradise & pink polyped cap

green stylo and spongeodes

red planet and pearlberry

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