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Filtration Help - Last of Under Gravel Filter Users.

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I‘ve had a 30 gallon tank with 2 fantail goldfish for over 30 years. I started with a Penn Plax under gravel filter, with an air pump. I switched to an AquaClear 150 power filter a while ago. I left the filter plate where it was, removed all the tubes and put caps on the holes. I was happy with the power filter until recently that is.
Water started dripping from where motor screws into the filter’s canister. Naturally I found it after 3 days when the inside of the stand was wet and so was part of the carpet around the stand. Not a fan anymore of the power filter anymore. I took it out and right now just have the air pump with the air stone.
I don’t know what to use now. I don’t want another dripping mess. I bought all the stuff to start using the under gravel filter again, but haven’t installed anything. I don’t know if I should use it alone or with a power head. I really need some advice and or recommendations.
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I would reccoment a canister filter
Thanks for the recommendation. I've started a list and I'm going to look at all the options. Most of all thank you for taking time to answer.
Any time :)
Yea canister is the way to go. I have a good review on the aquatop canister. It's very cheap for all you get. I love it and haven't had any issues. You can use the uv 400 or I think in a 30 you could get away with th aquatop 300. But that one doesn't have a uv bulb. I have a link the to the review in my signature. I love it so much I'm gonna replace my emperor 400 power filter on my 40 breeder turtle and cichlid tank

But unfortunately I don't know anything about under gravel filters.
Thanks for the info. I'm making a list of all the suggestions and will check my local aquarium store and go from there. Thank you for replying. I value everyone's opinion here 'cause I know everyone has tried and is using what I'm looking for.
Canister filter would be my recommendation....though these too can leak onto carpet (had a few incidents, but i do run quite a few of them lol)

The only way to stop the chance of a dripping mess is to use an internal filter........and these can be difficult to maintain with goldfish
Thank you for the advice. I'm thinking the same about the internal filter. Not sure at this point. I will research every suggestion and decide soon. A new grandchild on the way some time today so that's where my mind is really at. Thanks for getting back to me.
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Hello Dudie...

What's your water change routine? You likely know that filtration systems do very little to maintain good water quality. They simply take in toxic tank water and return the same water a bit less toxic. They're essentially an expensive aeration device to mix oxygen into the tank water. You can easily get a smaller Hagen filter or another HOB of your choice with a gallon per hour (gph) rating of roughly 120 and begin a more aggressive water change routine. A 30 G with Goldfish will need 50 to 60 percent water changes twice weekly, but more is better.

Change out more tank water and you can substantially reduce the amount of filtration needed.

Thanks for the advice. It's given me something to think about. My neighbor has given me a aquatop canister filter to use for now. I've actually been thinking of going to a larger tank. So using it will give me more time to decide. I would have replied sooner but I've been running back and forth between sons house helping with the new grand baby. Thanks again.
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