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Ok, I've got a bunch of filters (funny how when you buy a used tank they INSIST you take everything! lol

My tanks:

29 gallon, home to 1 Blue Gill (lake fish, about 10 inches or so)

20 gallon, home to 30+ little fish. Probably more like 40+ actually. Mollies, guppies, 2 dwarf platties, cherry barb, 2 hatchet fish, skunk loach, bog log, real rocks, and all live plants

10 gallon, home to 3 commet gold fish. Lengths approx: 8 inches, 4inches and 1 inch

My Filters:

Whisper i10 (in tank filter)
Penguin Bio wheel mini (rated for 10 gal)
Penguin 100
Penguin 125
Penguin 170
Penguin 330

I just swapped my filters around tonight, and I've done this:

29/ 330
20/ 170
10/125 & 100

I did have the whisper and the 100 in my 20, but the filter pads were different, and I wanted less filter in the tank, so I put the larger one in.

As much as I like my whisper, I'm thinking that if I just stick with the 4 larger penguins (100, 125, 170, 330), then I'm only buying 2 sized filters! That makes life easier, seeing as last time I totally forgot to buy for the 170! (that's the tank I got the worms in!):(

Any thought on my filter arrangements? I know goldfish are very dirty little guys, so I want good filtration on there, especially since they're limited to a 10 gallon. I thought of using the 330 in there, but the current is too strong I think for a tank that small.
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