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I am selling some of my collections due to some medical bills that I need to clear up. PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING to anywhere in the US. Please PM me if you are serious about buying. Please help a brother out. Thanks. Is also sold locally so first come first serve. All fishes are qouted from tip to tip. Will accept paypal and postal money orders only. Also remember that these prices are shipping included.

Male King kamfa from vietnam at around 5-6 inches. $210

One of my home breed kamfa at 4 inches. $100

Female red dragon at 6-7 inches. SOLD!!!!

Female big head at 5 inches. Tail is kind of messed up. $120

Male red dragon from thailand at 5-6 inches. SOLD!!!

Female carpintis at 5-6 inches. $90

Male faded red texas at 4- 5 inches. SOLD!!

PLease email me for pictures since I can't post them here yet.
[email protected]
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