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Had foggy eye , did you quarantine before putting into his regular home and how long?
Not seeing what you see but better pictures would help with a front view. Do not see mouth rot /fungus. More info on tank can help too , pictures. Lump looks more like an injury /abscess/ulcer? But see some streaks on the body I’m concerned about but may just be bad photo. Keep your tank super clean and keep using the erythromycin but thats only a broad spectrum treatment for bacterial diseases. Better than nothing. Also temp should be between 70-80 with bettas. When ill going up to 82° can help. Make sure you have a accurate way to measure it. Infrared thermometers are the most accurate. Also in the future get something like API metafix it works on not only gram negative but positive bacterial infections. Observe well for other signs/ changes.

Her are two sites that can help with pictures
Complete Guide to Betta Fish Diseases and Treatment (with pictures) - Fish Care (

15 Common Betta Fish Diseases (With Pictures): Prevention and Treatment - PetHelpful
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