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I've recently bought a nano aquarium with 5 platys (17l, but please don't comment on how small this is; stay on topic..) and installed a Fluval 1 Plus internal filter.

I'm now thinking about switching to an external filter, like the Eheim 2322 Thermo, and would like to hear from more experienced aquarists the differences between an external and an internal filter, especially concidering the noise levels.

The reasons why I'm thinking about switching, are:
  • I want to get bigger / more sophisticated filter media, to accellerate the bacteria build-up
  • I want to save the place inside the aquarium that both the heater and the filter occupies today
  • I want a more flexible setup where it's easy to change - or add to the filter media.

However, the bottom line question is: do the (Eheim) external filters, in particular the 2322, make much noise? I have my aquarium placed on my computer desk, so this is important. I hope to get an external filter that doesn't make more "noise" than the Fluval 1+, which is hearable but just within tolerable limits for my workstation...

Hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards,
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