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Just a couple of pics of the trip out off moreton recently to have a look around china wall and cherubs cave.

We than went to the rufus king for a snorkel to spear a fish or two and only got some crays that day.

On the way out we dropped in some crab pots and on the way back picked them up,nice dinner from that days outing.

These pics are from the day.

Dave doing most of the work,good cabin boy,funny though,he owns the boat we were on that day.

This bird hung around the boat for ages wanting a hand out and folowed us to both deap dives,it nearly came into the boat at one stage,it was so funny when it tried to swim over the jesus line.

As you can see it was very rough that day.

This was the view towards moreton island from cherubs and china wall,much the same!

This is from at the coffee rock reefs out the front of moreton island on the way back,to dirty so we didn't bother having a snorkel there.

The back of the bar on the way back in,nice day,1 metre swells at the most.

A lovely trip back with some great near on clear skies.

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Thanks for the pics all very nice, i really enjoy seeing the trips of our members :)
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