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If you only have two and one is not eating remove it if possible.Not to sound to obvious,but if it doesn't eat it will die.For me the real secret to keeping is whether they eat or not,easily and always.With only two one will antagonise the other to death.Most my reading says groups of 4-6.I had problems in the beginning when I only had 3.2 lived one died.Then I got two more ,one of them lived and one died.Even just 10 weeks ago I got two(had 4 or 5) and it was close call with the new.I went right back to LFS and got two more,and all evened out.
They really aren't nice to each other if they can bully the same one easily.
2 of mine bred in the community 180 and I moved them to a 120 leaving only six,and one was always hiding.
I just added 2 more last weekend (totall of 8 again) and all seem fine.
Although diffacult(due to price and availability) add as many at the same time as possible and seems like less than 5 is trouble.
Mine eat flake(tetra pro crisp{only flake I ever use} and frozen bloodworms,daphnia,cyclopeeze,brine and mysis shrimp.
Keep up on water changes(like 25-50% )every other day,and keep temp at least 80F.
If you have another tank you should move the weak one at least till it adjust to your water and feeding.
Oh ya,thy say discus like to be fed up to 6 times a day(another good reason to change water).
GOOD LUCK they're great fish,just wicked picky.
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