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ok so right now i have a 125gal predatory-fish only(PFO) tank. the last mummichog minnow i had died today. the shark is the definate culprit. since now my tank isn't safe for small fish, i've decided to top the tank off with more real predatory fish: a lionfish and a predatory wrasse to be exact. i would prefer 1 of the wrasses that go through dramatic color changes in there life-cycle. and yes i am looking for BIG and AGGRESSIVE. not those pretty-peppy wrasses that are put in the "fish-only wrasse" section because they munch on corals and are otherwise peaceful. in looking for 1's that knock over corals and terrorize their tank-mates. i like the banana wrasse and the lyretail wrasse, but they look like there mouths are made to poke a sharks eye out. for lionfish, again aggressive, but not too big, because i don't want it to sting the tank-mates! o tank-mates...that would be:
-1 coral cat-shark
-2 snowflake moray eels
-1 dog-faced pufer
-3 feather duster tubeworms

so any suggestions?

well you got the ones I used to have but I also had a falco hawkfish in there.

I lost one of the two snowflakes I had to a feeding accident, I was feeding one didnt see the other for a few hours before hand and well started to feed the one snow and the other got a whiff of the fish oil and that was it, bit the one snow in half. I was devistated yet amazed at the same time. Hawkfish eat shrimps and fish and other smaller live prey.

I just goggled predator marine and found this

genus Cephalopholis

Pure predator. colorful get big around 9" eat anything practically, it is a grouper but its also a small member of the sea bass family and if you fish you know how aggressive bass be it salt or fresh really are.
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