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AC - Activated carbon
ALK - Alkalinity, buffering capacity of water
Amm - Ammonia
BBS - Baby Brine Shrimp
BW - Brackish Water
Ca - Calcium
Cl - Chlorine
CO2 - Carbon dioxide
DI - Deionizer, used to purify water before filling an aquarium, typically part of an RO system.
frag(s) - Broken or cut pieces of coral that grows
FW - Freshwater
Gal or G - Gallon
GAC - Granular activated carbon
GH – General hardness
GPH - Gallons per hour
Gravid - Egg-laden
HD - High Density
HO - High output fluorescent light
HOB - Hang On Back or
HOT- Hang On Tank
Ich - parasite
L - Liter
LHS - Local hardware store
LFS - Local Fish Store
LPS - Local Pet Store
LR - Live rock
LS - Live sand
N2 - Nitrogen
Na - Sodium
NH3 - Ammonia
NH4 - Ammonium ion
NO - Normal output fluorescent light
NO2 - Nitrite
NO3 - Nitrate
O2 - Oxygen
O3 - Ozone
PC - Power compact fluorescent light
pH - Measure of the concentration of hydrogen. Used to measure acidity/alkalinity of H2O
PH - Powerhead, water pump
RO - Reverse osmosis, (type of H2O purification)
RO/DI - Reverse osmosis and deionizer combination unit (type of water purification)
RUGF - Reverse flow undergravel filter
SAL - Salinity
SG - Specific gravity
SHO - Super high output fluorescent light
Substrate – sand, gravel, crushed coral, etc in bottom of tank
SW - Saltwater
T5 - Type of fluorescent light bulb. New in aquarium hobby, high lumen output, energy efficient.
UGF - Undergravel filter
UV - Ultra violet, type of light
VHO - Very high output fluorescent light
W – Watts
WC - Water Change
W/D - Wet/dry, form of aquarium filtration
WPG - Watts per gallon

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tyvm.....thank you very much. yes iill come in handy.:)
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CC=crushed coral
PH=Power Head
LRS=Local Reef Store/Shop
"Ma and Pa" stores=Family-run pet stores in which the people usually know what they're doing and are thus a good place to buy pet items.
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CC=crushed coral
PH=Power Head
LRS=Local Reef Store/Shop
"Ma and Pa" stores=Chain stores like petco & petsmart that u should never think about buying from unless its for a good reason.
Actually I think you have that last one wrong. "Ma and Pa" stores, everytime I've heard it, is in reference to a small, family owned type store, which if the people know what they are doing, is usually the best place to get fish from.

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A couple that got missed.
W/C- wild caught.
CFL- compact floresent light. becoming more popular these days
CT- community tank.
GT- green terror
JD- jack dempsey
FH- flowerhorn
RTM- red tiger motaquensis
HITH- hole in the head
HLLE- head and lateral line errosion
Geo- geophagus
Gymno- gymnogeophagus
sp.- species as in Aequidens sp. refering to an undescribed species, or species of a genus in general.
syno.- synodontis
There are many more but I'm not trying to write a book here so I'll leave it at that for now.
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