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Clarity Plus 80 gallon tank question.

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My wife's tank stated leaking this past weekend so I found her a new one on Facebook marketplace last weekend. It said it is an 80 gallon tank, says Clarity Plus on the front bottom right corner. It has 3 filtration chambers in the back of the tank for a sump system. It did not come with a lid and the Oscars I have like to jump out of the tank when they want to be fed. I can't find anything on any google search as far as parts or even a website for that tank brand. The top of the tank has some sort of hinges on the top rear corners of the tank, I am not sure what those are for. Just looking for some help with here I can find a lid to keep them in the tank and to hopefully help with evaporation. I have attached some pics of the top of the tank for reference. Any help would be awesome
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PetSmart has some glass hoods that a couple would work over the holes, otherwise you can have one made to measurements.
Get some plexiglass. Works great. Light still gets through and fish don't jump out.
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