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Just bought this guy, a 3 inch angelfish about a week ago. Seems happy, he’s eating, swimming. But couple days ago he had bright red poop. Long, like half inch. I saw it twice. Today I saw clear detrius but it didn’t seem to be moving on its own. I’ve had fish for 15 years (in this tank) and never saw this. water is in stellar shape. I have big discus, gouramis, some snails and shrimp. It’s a planted aquarium. I have been getting new plants, etc. I’ve never had to medicate before and I want to be sure there is something to treat. It’s really doesn’t look like camallanus since it’s one big long poop-sized thing, I feed them blood worms and flakes. None of the other fish appear sick or are experiencing this.

Plant Organism Beak Fawn Grass

Water Plant Natural environment Botany Organism

what do you think?
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