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Hi all,

I have a 46 gallon bowed front planted tank that I'm using as a starter to learn from. I will use this tank for another year or two and then I will be jumping up in size. Currently my tank has the following species;

2 german rams,
2 Dwarf Gouramis,
4 Cardinal Tetras,
3 Golden White Clouds
1 Hifin Lyretail
4 Platies (3 are babies)
5 cherry shrimp
1 Albino Pleco

I would like to add a Discus to my tank but I believe it may be too small. Like I mentioned earlier, I will be moving up in tank size in the not too distent future so figure I might be ok while the Discus is still young. The tank is 3 ft long.

What do you think.

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Discus are schooling fish, it will not be what you want if its by itself. Discus get large, 5-7" is an average size for them.

What do you want to move up to?
I have 13 discus in a 210. Small tanks growing up will/can stunt their growth alot if not die prematurely. Also what KIND of albino pleco? Cherry shrimp will disappear.
Also discus need special extra special attention to their water conditions, Its very common practice to have them in RO water. Also your rams will benefit greatly from the discus water as their needs are pretty much spot on with a discus' needs.

Let me put it this way, you get a single discus, odds are you will never see it till its a corpse, they just do not do good alone. they are shy and timid on an extreme measure and having others to school with then they will flourish.

If you can keep the 46 as well as get a larger tank id go that route, most those fish you listed arent really compatiable(molly,platies) and they might eventually eat the minnows and cardinals, pleco depends only know of one pleco that is good with discus(suck the slime coats off and kill the fish)

I keep the following with mine
angels,BNP,cardinals/neons,SAE's, banjo cats, rams.
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