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NOTE: This forum has a photo of my dead fish attached, to show the discoloration I am referring to below.

Hi all! I have a 10-gallon tank, with a suitable filter, heater, foliage, and decor. I gravel vacuum weekly, doing a 25% water change and introducing water with Stress Coat and salt. Sometimes, I will use rainwater (though I have not within a week). In this tank were 3 female balloon mollies. Over the past few weeks, my white one grew darker, with gray spots on her back. I thought very little of her condition, until I noticed her today, swimming almost INTO the out-current of the filter. Thirty minutes later, she was swimming vertically. Thirty minutes later, she passed.

I absolutely understand how the breeding of these mollies has caused severe issues with swim bladder disease, among other things. I do believe she most likely had a swim bladder issue, but can they succumb to it in less than a few hours? When I removed her body, she seemed to have purple-red-bluish marks, almost like a bruising on her body.

Water Parameters:
(I test weekly with a testing kit, but used a test strip for this test)
GH 180 ppm
KH 80 ppm
pH 7.5
NO2 0
NO3 40

The other two balloon mollies seem of fair health. There is a chance the white balloon molly was pregnant (a male was incorrectly introduced to the tank)! A water change has been performed!


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