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hey all. it has been waayyy too long since i have been on this site. it really is such a good site, but with so many things such as school work, job, and other things, i just really havent had the time like i would like to, to be a part of this site like i once was. but i hope that is going to change soon. :)

ok so heres the deal. about this time last year, i got a 55g tank. i loved it, but this tank has been nothing but problems for me for the past year. ive had anchor worm in it several times, fungal problems, and i think pop-eye. So, im looking for a tear down soon and starting fresh.

Up till this point in my fish hobby, all i have cared for is fresh water, tropical community tanks, with the exception of a guppy tank. I need your help to break away from this because i want to try something new!


i know its a little cliche, but im looking towards doing a yellow lab tank. now this is where im lost. can anyone inform me on water parameters that yellow labs need? ph? substrate? etc? how would YOU stock it?

thanks again guys, and ill try to be on this forum much more! :)
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