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The following is a meeting notice sent out by Larry Colvin to GCASSF members in order to inform them of topics that will be adressed at the next meeting. Please be prepared to share your thaughts and ideas.



Our August meeting is not this upcoming Wednesday, but next Wednesday, August 13, at 7:30 PM, (I will be out of town, hence the early notice.) held at our usual location, David Park Center in Hollywood. Directions to the DPC will follow this message.

Our program this month will be on Fish Tank Construction and Repair, given by our own Richard Airline. We also have a report and slide presentation on the July American Cichlid Association Convention in Atlanta, which was attended by about 10 or our members. Included in the slide show is a photo of Chuck Davis wearing his new Frog Headgear (a must see).

We also have some very interesting topics of discussion for the membership:

1. A possible weekend field trip to Tampa in September is in the works. Rodolfo Lozada sent me the following e-mail which gives some explanation of the options:

I got in touch with the Tampa club. They are having a fund raiser (September antics). It will be the 27th September and it will be a one day event in auction form. They said that the weekend is bad for farm tour, but one in particular is open on Sunday. Don Konkal, a contact that Chuck Davis mentioned, suggested that we go on a Friday and he could take us to several more farms, such as Sea Crest, 5D’s, and Water Life. Don also mentioned that Florida Aquarium Fish Farming Society has a co-op sale that starts on Friday. We can go and buy fish and food for very reasonable prices. Sound like fun to me. Let me know what you think. You can you send this to GCAS.

We are considering an overnight trip, a Friday thru Sunday trip, possible collecting en route, visits to other local attractions, or other options. When we get this trip together, we will ask for a deposit to cover hotel reservations and other commitments, from those wishing to participate.

2. The Flamingo Gardens pond seems to be doing well, except for the water clarity. We are talking about doing a water change, adding additional filtration, and some other possible remedies. We will discuss this all at our meeting. We may also call for volunteers to come down to Flamingo Gardens on Saturday, August 16, and help inventory the fish population while we drop the pond for the water change. It appears that there will be no need to “muck it out” as we did last time, but we will do some maintenance. In all, it should be more fun than work; besides we have teenagers for that.

3. The GCAS Board of Directors discussed the option of moving the time and place of our monthly meetings. Since we are working with Flamingo Gardens on the pond, it has been suggested that we move our meeting location to the room in the Gardens that we used for the show. It was also suggested that we consider meeting on Sunday afternoon, from 2 to 5 PM. There are some advantages to the move:

It would make it easier for working commuters to attend.

It is an easy drive via I-595 for those members living north, south, and west.

A family day could be spent at the Gardens.

We could go collecting nearby on the same morning as the meeting.

There would be more time to “hang out” with no rush to leave, as we currently experience.

Please come to the meeting and give your opinion.

In addition to our speaker presentation and other items of interest, we will have:

Raffles and auctions for equipment, supplies, etc.
Fish auctions
Sales of used tanks, stands, filters, and accessories


Larry Colvin

The David Park Center is located between I-95 and the Turnpike. Both have Hollywood Blvd. Exits.

From I-95, go west on Hollywood Blvd. One block west of Park Road is N 33rd Court . There is a shopping mall with a Target Store just prior to Park Road .

Turn right on N 33rd Ct and the building is the first one on the West side of the street.

From the Turnpike, exit at Hollywood Blvd and proceed east. Continue east past Veteran’s Circle, (with a large office building within the circle) and the Hollywood Court House. One block east of the Hollywood Water Plant is N 33rd Court . You must go east to Park Road , then U-turn around to 33rd Court .

Turn right (north) on 33rd Ct. and the building is the first one on the West side of the street.

Across the street is an Offerdahl’s Café (yes it is owned by John Offerdahl, former Miami Dolphins linebacker) and a large Wachovia Bank building.

There is limited parking north of the building. There is mucho parking across the street at the Wachovia Bank building.
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