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8” African Tiger Fish(vitt i believe) – Eats raw and live (will only eat raw if it see it falling down). Has had tankmates before but currently just with a rapheal catfish. Eats fine, fairly active. $ 100

6~7” Payara – Eat live food only, wont eat raw. Calm $70

~10+” South American lungfish – Still pretty small. Eats raw shrimp, feeders, catfish, tilapia, etc. Lives with a payara. $45

14" Marbled Catfish - 12" whiskers. Grew pretty fast and just like many other cats, tried to eat tankmates that fit in its mouth. Had to pot her in a 40 gallon till she finds a home. $30

Rapheal catfish - Still small 4-5" doesn't seem to eat much. Had forever. Not real active, acts funny at times. $15?

12~14” Leichardti – Bought at 2”, grew in 80 gallon 19” wide, eats shrimp, tailpia, worms/incests, and pretty much anything you drop in the tank. I stuff the food with pellets/color enhancing products and it takes it just fine. Aggressive, never had a tankmate, killed its brother when it was only 2”.
I dont really want to sell her, might be the only fish i end up keeping.
But if anyone is interested feel free to throw me an offer.
Paid $100 at 2".
Loacted in 91748

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