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This was the third trip.

Didn't even bother doing some spearing while free diving on this trip,the crays that were seen were left for Dave to get.

As you can see by the first pic the queenlsand coast is quite ugly,not likely,but some really nice birds on the beaches to check out-lol!!

One of the constantly prettiest localy caught damsels,the fiji or (chrisiptera taupou)no matter how old they are in your tank,shame they are so very mean normally,this one isn't,its a little weird.

Just thought it would be nice to get a couple of cleaner shrimp (lysmata amboinensis) for the tank at the show,no one even noticed the big female in the tank??why bother!There is this one ledge in 35 to 40 feet deep and behind the bubble anemones and sea urchins there is nearly always four or more there,why i have no idea?I don't like to keep them as all in the tank want to eat them normally.

Just one of the many sea stars(blue linkia) we got for the show to have in a tank with some of the stars of the nemo movie we caught.Danny has had one from tiny for two years now and it is 11 inches across now.

A couple of these roughies or (trachichthys australis) were caught for mark as he lost his ones he bought off one of the commercial collectors to desease,we used them in the show and heaps of people liked the ugly liitle beggers.
They are indemic to our waters here,normally in very deep water to a 1000 feet down and we see heaps of them at one shallow spot that you can snorkel to and as per usual it remains a secret,but normally we wouldn't catch any as they are bit on the ugly side of things to bother with,easy to catch though,you just grab them by hand.
Just like a pinneapple fish,no need for a net,oh they grunt very loud just like a pinneapple fish as well.
They go into marks tank after the show.He likes them????
I have kept them before,they can be a bit fussy to start with eating,no big deal.

Thats it for the trips being copied from our site from me (being the last one to do it) due to personal problems and serious family issues with our oldest daughter towards the end of the year and they have to be focused on,if things go well,i will grab a few of the many trips that were enjoyed in that time,around xmas,there are heaps of trips and if i am around to do it next year i will put them out there for all to enjoy seeing what comes out of the wonderful Q south east on the clubs trips,if not ,i hope some of you enjoyed what we should have had on the net ten years ago at least!!!.
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very cool fish...
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