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Aquarium 150 Watt HQI Metal Halide Light - Retractable

Product Features:

HQI Pendant

Professional Series - 150 watt HQI Pendant includes a compact 10,000K double-ended HQI metal halide lamp with a retractable lamp cord. The HQI lamp emits the highest light-output-per-watt available that is preferred in most reef aquariums. The refracted light from the pendant produces shimmering, dappled-lighting effects that simulate properties of natural sunlight. This innovative pendant brings out vibrant colors and provides perfectly-balanced lighting for all types of coral and marine life.


150W 10,000K Double-Ended HQI Metal Halide Lamp
Easy-to-use Retractable Lamp Cord Extends from 9" to 56"
External Remote Ballast
Mounting Kit included
Dimensions (D x H): 9.5" x 27"
MSRP $379.99 . That is how much I paid. Save some money and get a deal on this brand new light.

I bought this light with intentions of making a salt water tank with my corner tank. I never did, so I used the stock light that came with the tank. My loss is your gain. I never used this light and it has been in the box the entire time. This is BRAND NEW Feel free to ask any questions. I have photos I can email also. Thanks, Dan

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