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Hello, hope Everyone is well.

I found these Gobies in a shop described as ’white-cheeked gobies’ (Rhinogobius wui); they were bright white and really pretty, I had a search and couldn’t find anything about them, and, after asking the dude, he said they’ve never had them and probably won’t get them again. I normally wouldn’t buy a fish I didn’t know what it was really well, but they were so lovely and he said they would be fine in my tank with my other fish.

i have since done as much research as possible and they are definitely not Rhinogobius wui. I got them home and they changed colour dramatically and now look like the photos attached. They are lovely but they have murdered my shrimp. I would really like to find out what they are. Any help would be fantastic. I’m pretty sure there are two males and a female. One male is smaller and less colourful. The female is much less blue and seems to have rounder belly.

thanks so much.
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